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"Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight"

Today's Christians are "LAST DAYS' Christians and this means the status quo of the past 2000 yrs changes into a Last days(end times) Rapture in your lifetime, shocking and including spanking of all Christians. It means God starts moving in amazing ways. Some ways you will like other ways may make you turn your backs on him. New style messengers are being sent by God, LISTEN TO THEM!

Your post are gladly accepted, type the subject you want to post and try to keep it on the subject related to the The Stables Ministries, your testimonies, Bible, Last DAYS, FACTs related to these and comment of what you think about us.

If you are one to think gay is sin then I expect some help from you by YOU explaining any verse you use as to how you got a word, phrase, or verse to be talking about gays. Making a statement "its in the Bible", its simple", "its clear", "God hates it", or "God said it" is not acceptable. Words evolve, but the ancient language is the language of the Bible use it to get your meanings of words.

Always looking for your revelations about these Last Days and what God is telling you about it. Also tell us what works for your ministry. If you want to discuss matters and issues privately just email "The Stables Ministries"

Finally this forum is not a convience for your your advertising  of anything including your ministry or website. This is "The Stables Ministries" use it with the guide lines above. Thanks

08/30/07 All entrires were deleted to start fresh with my reconstruction project of my website

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