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Re: Use or Share of boat

Hi Janet,
In reply to your message on boatshare, I own a share in a narrowboat based just north of Oxford, the owners that are selling the shares are they insist that they give every new share owner a training course so you are capable of handling the boat, and, they will rent you the boat for a week at £500 and if you buy a share they deduct the £500 off the share price. I thought this might suit you. However, I do not know your circumstances, if you are a single lady on your own you should be looking to join a group NOT a share.
Hope this is helpful.

Re: Use or Share of boat

Hello Janet,
Are you still searching for a boat share?
I am considering this scenario and would like to discuss with someone
who is likewise interested!--The area's you mention are ideal for me,.
Regards, Roger.