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Re: Re: Re: Thanks

just to let u know i have been attending hpw shows for about 9.5 years and it is the best show around. I look forward to another great years. thanks sharon and jerry for putting on a great show each and every month. and a good christmas.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks to you guys, TheHPW, Jerry, Sharon, the fans, for giving us a place to wrestle and work over the years. I nkow you all have put alot of work into HPW and Im glad to hear you say its still worth it after all this time. I personally wanna thank you guys because honestly without you there would be no Mike Winters. You all gave that its start and let me learn and grow there. Thanks alot for all you've done and taught me over the years. Love you all,

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks

I would like to thank ou guys for iving me a shot when no one else would, I was pretty much out of work and then I discovered HPW and its wonderful fans. Without you guys I probably wouldn't be wrestling anymore. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. Have a safe and Merry Christmas, I'll see you all in January.


Re: Thanks

Merry Christmas Jerry, Sharon, HPW and all you Hoosier Pro fans.... Let me start by saying "Thank You" for all you do and put into your shows Jerry and Sharon, you give the fans a great show each time and always leave em' wantin more. Also I thank you for letting me become a part of HPW. I had alot of great times at HPW, and hope for maybe a few more. I hope maybe i can always be a part of Hoosier Pro. Thanks again Jerry and Sharon, I love you both like Family.

Re: Thanks

Saving the best for last...hahaha.
I may be the last, but not the least to thanks Jerry and Sharon for making HPW a family-like enviroment and giving me a chance to live out a dream. All I have ever wanted since 1st grade when I saw Sting beat Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Title was to be in the wrestling business in some way, shape, or form. Just to be around it because I love it so much. Thats what HPW is, a labor of LOVE, which can be seen through each and every one of its regular monthly performers. Sharon, thanks for always being warm and kind and keeping Jerry sane, because I know when things get outta control someone has to tame the beast. And to Jerry...words will never do when I say "thank you" for letting me live out this fantasy. If it wasnt for you and HPW, I doubt I would have ever done it. Again, thanks, I love you guys...

Brandon Styles

Re: Re: Thanks

Thanks wouldnt be complete without me saying it as well. even though I am currently inactive. You guys gave me my first shot and I appreciate it.

Re: Re: Re: Thanks

Thanks Brother. You Always welcome at HPW

Re: Thanks

Sharon doesn't want to list the originals for fear of missing someone... so let us do it. Who of the "old time" HPW stars do you guys like, and miss?


Re: Re: Thanks

Of course Mercedes but she has gone on to big time. Outlaw Jesse Houston was a good guy to watch and Tiny Tim did a good job. Tommy Ray Sands could have been a star and Psycho was good. Lovins could talk well on the mike.

Re: Re: Thanks

I loved Outlaw Jesse Houston also... loved it when he was managed by Dave Dynasty... good stuff...