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Favorite look of Freddie's on CATM?
A youthful looking Freddie on the first season
A maturing look of Freddie on the second season
An older looking Freddie on the third season
Freddie dressed up in your favorite color suit (or outfit)
Freddie in the trash can taking a shower in the Men's room

Favorite Gal Freddie's character Chico kissed on Chico and the Man
Mable the Mail carrier
Liz Garcia

Who was your favorite long standing character on the show?
Reverend Bemis
Mykloss the Gyspy

What was your favorite outfit of Chico's?
The beige suit and pants
The blue velvet jacket
The berry colored jacket
Jean jacket and those tight blue jeans
White pants and yellow shirt exposiing his bare chest
His yellow and black Plaid pj's

How will you spend January 29th remembering Freddie?
Lighting a candle and reflecting
Watching Chico and the Man episodes
Listening to Freddie's "Looking Good" Comedy album
Gettting together with other Freddie fans/friends celebrating his life and laughter
Emotional a sad day for me

Which season of CATM did you like of Freddie's?
The first season
The second season
The third season
I can't decide. I love them all!

Favorite appearance of Freddie's ?
The Tonight Show Guest Appearances
The Tonight show Guest Host Appearances
Freddie as Chico on "Chico and the Man"
Freddie on Tony Orlando and Dawn
Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts
Freddie's appearance on the Cher show
Freddie's appearances on Bob's Hope's special in Montreal
Freddie on the Mike Douglas Show
Freddie's appearance on the Bob Hope Special; "Joys"

What do you think of this website?
The best on the web
Want more information
Great pictures
To many pictures
Pretty good

What do you think Freddie would be doing if he were here today?
Starring in movies
Directing or Producing
Singing career
The Tonight show host
Stand up comedy
Invold in community service

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