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Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Food Security and Nutrition Programs


This training programme aims to improve the effectiveness of Monitoring and Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition programs through identifying and disseminating successful methods, tools and practices. This will, in turn, improve the monitoring and evaluation skills of the personnel implementing food security and nutrition programmes in the implementing agencies.


This is a general training is targeting variety of programme staff, management team members and thematic staff, Project Management Officials, government officials, programme managers; policy makers and programme implementers; development practitioners and activists and NGO and CSO members, Research organizations among others for Agriculture support activities.


10 days


The training will enable participants to;

Gain insight into the principles of monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment in food and nutrition security.
Strengthen their competence in the designing, monitoring, and evaluation of FSN programs.
Come up with clear ideas for improving monitoring, evaluation and impact assessments for food security and nutrition programs.
Appreciate the need to integrate gender role in the development of FSN programs.
Gain skills in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis in M&E for food security and nutrition programs.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation

What is M&E?
Significance of M&E
Principles and concepts in M&E
M&E and the project lifecycle
Complementary roles of monitoring and evaluation
Module 2: Food Security and Nutrition M&E Frameworks

Food security and nutrition conceptual frameworks
Food security and nutrition results frameworks
Logical framework analysis
Food security and nutrition projects design using LogFrames
Module 3: Food Security and Nutrition Indicators

Food security and nutrition indicators
Indicator metrics
Link between indicators and results
Indicator Matrix
FSN indicator performance tracking
Module 4: M&E System design and M&E Planning in FSN

Importance of an M&E Plan
Components of an M&E Plan
Design Principles for monitoring and evaluation
Using M&E plan to implement M&E in a project
M&E plan against performance management plan
Module 5: M&E Considerations for Sector Specific Programming

Food availability
Food access
Food utilization
Market Information
Module 6: M&E Considerations for Health and Nutrition

Selection of indicators
Integrated disease surveillance and nutrition surveillance systems
Module 7: Data Management for M&E in FSN

Sources of M&E data
Qualitative data collection methods
Quantitative data collection methods
Participatory methods of data collection
Module 8: Data Analysis

Data cleaning
Qualitative data analysis
Quantitative data analysis
Data interpretation and reporting
Module 9: Gender consideration in M&E for FSN

Gender integration during project activities design
Gender indicators in food security and nutrition programs
Cross-cutting gender issues in FSN
Role of M&E in addressing gender
Measure of gender outcomes
Module 10: Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition Programs

Determining evaluation points from results framework
Components of evaluations, implementation and process evaluations
Evaluation designs
Performance evaluation process
Evaluation findings, sharing, and dissemination
Module 11: Impact Assessment of FSN Programs

Introduction to impact evaluation
Impact assessment in program design
Attribution in impact evaluation
Impact evaluation methods
Module 12: M&E Results Use and Dissemination

Use of M&E results to improve and strengthen FSN projects
Use of M&E Lessons learned and best practices
M&E reporting
Design, monitoring, and evaluation of resilience interventions


For further inquiries, please contact us on details below:

Tel: +254 (0) 739167709.

Email: training


Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.

11th march 2019-22nd march 2019

Organisation versed professional services

Country: kenya