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Dear Partners,
Capacity Africa Training Institute is pleased to announce the following Training Workshop to be held in the Month of July 2018.


Workshop Organizers

Capacity Africa is an organization that was founded in 1999 with the objective of building capacity for development professionals to enhance effective delivery of development services in Africa The organization runs training programmes in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and South Sudan training over 6000 Development workers in the last ten years.
We have collaborated very closely with Action Aid Kenya, Unicef Kenya Country Office, Undp Kenya, Unifem East Africa, Population Services International, World Health Organization, Ministry of Health, Federation of Women Lawyers-FIDA, Amref, Kisumu and Eldoret City Councils, Danish Deming Group, Pact World, National Council for Population and Development, ,Shell Kenya and Shell International, Path, Techno serve, One Love One World Ends Aids, National Aids Control Council, Center for British Teachers, JRS Sudan, Christian Mission Aid, Sudanese Red Cross, Mercy Corps International, ADRA South Sudan Sector Programme among others.

Overall Course Objective:

To increase your project monitoring and evaluation skills for effective and successful project implementation and tracking for results while expanding your career opportunities. Overall Course Outcome:

This onsite certificate -level course from Capacity Africa Institute is a comprehensive review of Monitoring and Evaluation as an important ingredient for effective project implementation .
The monitoring and evaluation course will introduce learners to tools and techniques to measure and report project/programme results to your stakeholders, including donors, funders, supervisors or the general public. At the end of the course, participants will become familiar with the components of an effective monitoring and evaluation plan, and methods and tools to conduct data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.

The course will enable you to prepare the ground for undertaking monitoring and evaluation and analyzing the results. Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation will also help participants understand the key components for effective M&E in order to improve management performance and evidenced based decision making.

Who Should Participate?

Professionals such as Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Program Officers, Project managers and other professionals who are involved in the monitoring and evaluation process will benefit from this course.

Course Outline:

• Introduction - Introduction to monitoring and evaluation terms and concepts
• Difference between monitoring and evaluation.
• The need for monitoring and evaluation in development projects
• Monitoring in all process of the project cycle
• Types of indicators and Identifying outcome indicators for your project
• Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
• Types of Frameworks
• Role of in Monitoring and Evaluation planning
• Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
• Describe the functions of an M&E plan
• Describe the main elements of an M&E plan
• Define standards for an M&E plan
• Implementation modalities
• Data Collection, Capture, and Data Quality Checks
• Identify types of data collection tools, Identify type of tools at each M &E level.
• Define data capture Identify key steps in data capture.
• Define data quality Quantitative methods,Qualitative methods Data Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting.
• Role of data analysis in monitoring and evaluation.
• Types of data analysis, Interpretation of data,
• Deciding which reporting methods to use.
• Writing an effective M/E report, Communication of M&E findings for action and accountability


DATES: 4th - 6th July 2018.

FEES: KSHS. 60,000/- (USD 600) PER PERSON

The fee caters for lunch and two teas, tuition, training materials and a certificate.

Kindly confirm your participation with:

Monica Musumba
The Training Coordinator
Capacity Africa Institute
Krishna Center 5th Floor,
Woodvale Groove, Westlands Nairobi-Kenya
Tel: +254723803505/ 723-305-358

Organisation Capacity Africa

Country: Kenya