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Certificate in International Development Management – Brighton, UK: 25 Jun – 13 Jul 2018

This intensive three week Certificate in Development Management training course combines our Monitoring and Evaluation for Results course with our Leadership and Management in Development course. After empowering you with leadership and management skills you go on to build on your monitoring and evaluation skill which together will help you to become a successful manager. This course includes a 1-1 professional coaching session after you return to work to help embed your learning further.

Why choose this course

This incredibly practical course is for managers and M&E officers who need to implement M&E in their projects and for those who make decisions at a project or programme level. The trainers are development practitioners with extensive field experience, making this a leading M&E and management training course in the sector.

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, examples of effective practice and coaching you learn how to:

- leverage your natural ability to lead and prioritise demands
- put into practice globally recognised management theories and tools
- engage with current thinking on areas including motivation, influence and power analysis
- analyse your network and prepare for those new conversations that will make a difference
- reflect on your own leadership style and presence
- plan a project using the logical framework
- develop indicators and targets
- use participatory methods for data collection and analysis
- use your findings to stimulate learning, improvement and stakeholder buy-in
- develop and work with a practical M&E system.

Daily Course Objectives

Subject to change to reflect participants’ needs.

Day 1

Week 1: Leadership and Management
Set yourself up for success
- the differences between leading and managing
- identify and prioritise demands - what is realistic?
- identify leadership styles

Day 2

Understanding the power of your relationships and the nature of motivation

- stakeholder and network mapping
- examine motivation
- understand what motivates you and your network

Day 3
Developing individual and team performance

- linking motivation to skill
- holding conversations that matter
- the art of feedback

Day 4
What makes teams effective

- understanding the nature of teams
- characteristics of effective teams and team leaders

Day 5
Leading into the future

- examining power relations
- exploring leadership presence
- action planning

Day 6
Week 2: Principles of M&E for Results
The changing role and practice of M&E

- M&E fundamentals
- results approaches: outputs, outcomes and impact
- relate M&E to your programme and project cycle
- identify stakeholders and their differing needs and roles

Day 7
Results framework

- develop logic models
- work with and beyond logframes

Day 8
Developing M&E frameworks

- criteria for indicators
- develop project indicators
- identify means of verification

Day 9
Gathering data/information/knowledge

- quantitative and qualitative approaches and instruments
- data organisation, quality assurance and analysis
- design baseline, evaluation and impact studies

Day 10
M&E system and plan

- prepare M&E plan
- M&E system
- week 2 learning synthesis

Day 11
Week 3: Embedding key M&E practices and apply these to your live work cases or a local organisation

- situation and context analysis
- critical overview of logframes

Day 12
Evaluation techniques

- design evaluations for stakeholder benefit and use
- choice and use of qualitative and quantitative collection instruments
- making use of M&E data/information/knowledge

Day 13
Participatory data collection methods

- Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques
- timeline exercises
- focus group discussions
- key informant interviews

Day 14
Learning sysnthesis and reflection

- innovative M&E approaches (Theory of Change)
- participant presentations preparation

Day 15
Using what you have learnt

- participant presentations
- embedding learning for personal and organisational benefit
- becoming change agents for M&E

A 1-1 coaching session is included with our qualified coach when you have returned to work.

How long: 15 days

Cost: £4850

Where and when:

Brighton, UK: 25 Jun – 13 Jul 2018
Bangkok, Thailand: 12 – 30 Nov 2018

We can also offer in-house training tailored specifically for your organisations’ needs.

To find out more please visit our website
Or call us on +44(0)1273 833030 or email us at

IMA International,
Drummond House,
89 High Street,
West Sussex,
BN6 9RE,

Organisation IMA International