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Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Projects Course

Event: Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Projects Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 21st – 25th May 2018.



There is increasing demand from multilateral agencies, funding bodies as well as boards of private companies for a strong demonstration that projects are being monitored and evaluated effectively.
Effective project monitoring allows a project team to make appropriate decisions on a day-to-day basis and ensures that projects are carried out as planned and modified when necessary.
Successful programs and projects begin with a pre-planned series of activities and events. However, things rarely work out exactly as planned. Managers must therefore periodically monitor selected indicators and measure performance during implementation so they can make timely adjustments where necessary, as well as subsequently determine the extent to which the program or project achieved its objectives.

5 days

• To introduce the project cycle and identify the issues necessary for planning
• To use Microsoft Project Software for Project Planning and Monitoring
• To prepare evaluation designs and how to document change
• To produced and share reports with stakeholders
• Understand the concept of effective project monitoring and evaluation
• Understand strategies and techniques for monitoring and evaluating projects
• Prepare monitoring and evaluation systems & plans
• Implement the monitoring and evaluation systems & plans

• Project Management Overview
• Project Management Framework
• Project Management Processes
• Introduction to monitoring & evaluation
• The concept of effective Project M&E & Results-Based Management (RBM)
• Setting project objectives & targets that facilitate effective M&E
• Project cycle and project planning
• Organizing the project’s human resources
• The logical framework as a project design/M&E tool
• Tools, methods and approaches facilitating M&E
• Tools, methods and approaches facilitating M&E
• Results-based & participatory M&E
• Use of MS Project as a project management and monitoring tool
• Evaluations, learning and improvement
• Communicating and Reporting M&E finding
• Practical group exercises
• Recap& closure

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How to participate.
• Tailor makes your course.
• Register as an individual.
• Register as a group.
• Become our partner.
• Purchase software.
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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For further inquiries, please contact us on Tel: +254 715 077 817, +254 (020) 211 3814, +254 731240802, +254 735331020. Email

Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer. Email: Mob: +254 715 077 817 Tel: 020 211 3814

Payment should be transferred to IRES account through bank on or before C.O.B. 14th May 2018. Send proof of payment to

Organisation Indepth Research Services Limited

Country: Kenya