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Certificate online Course. Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Organizations

This course presents the principles of Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DM&E) Cycle. DM&E is a critical element of development projects as it provides the information needed to make decisions for project management, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the interventions and satisfy accountability requirements.

Completing this course will enable you to understand and put in practice the principles of sound results-based monitoring and evaluation methodology in your project. This course will give students an understanding of the most common processes, tools, techniques, and theories that are necessary to monitor and evaluate a project. This course examines the defining characteristics of monitoring and evaluation techniques, and introduces the student to a variety of project management techniques that can be applied in a development project context. Through case study exercises and group discussions, participants will learn the links between design, monitoring and project evaluation. This course will stimulate ideas on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation processes that strengthen accountability and learning, and contribute to project effectiveness.

The course if based on an interactive case-study approach, with hands-on exercises, homework reading materials, participant presentations, and online discussions. It focuses on peer learning and exchanging information on practical experiences on monitoring and evaluation. The online course has duration of three weeks. Each week the instructor will provide instructions to help students complete the required assignments. Students will participate in discussions and receive feedback from the course instructor. Students will have access to videos, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Students will apply their understanding in case study exercises that will be reinforced with feedback from the instructor.

Students will follow a detailed schedule to complete the assigned activities, participate in discussion forms, and submit their exercises in order to receive a grade. Successful completion of all the course requirements will lead to the award of a Certificate of Completion.

Course Fee $200, 20% early registration discount available. Next session starts April 16, 2018. Go to the link below for more information on how to register for this course.

Ana Torrelio
Student Services

Student Feedback:
“I enjoyed the pace and the progress of the course as it clearly guides you through the different stages in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of a project week by week. As a novice in the world of development organizations I also liked the extra material provided as it deepened my understanding by linking theory to case-studies. I am now looking forward to applying my new knowledge in my field: education”. Emanuele Pesoli, Italy

“I have worked in monitoring and Evaluation for over four years. when I took this course, i realized i had an isolated perspective on M&E. The course presented M&E within the context project management and this gave me insights on various aspects of Project and how to Monitor and Evaluate throughout the life cycle of the project. “ Joshua Mwesigwa, Uganda.

“Excellent Course and delivery Mechanism. I've learnt a lot from the facilitator and my fellow participants. Priceless! I've already signed up for the APM course.” Delores Thomas , Barbados

“I have really enjoyed this course. It was really much learn in such a short time but it was such a rewarding experience. The presentations, the reference materials and the forums were extremely informative and it was great sharing experiences from all over the world. I would recommend every mid-career development practitioner to take it.” Florence Kayemba, Stakeholder Democracy Network, Nigeria

Organisation PM4DEV

Country: United States