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Theory of Change and Contribution Assessment 15-19 May - Ethiopia

Understand our contribution to social change on this IMA Training in Addis Ababa

This course gives you the opportunity to better understand how social change happens and your contribution to it. It also provides you with innovative tools to assess your contribution to a change process. The action-learning process you engage in enables you to develop a Theory of Change to support and improve your ability as a development practitioner. If you attend this course and later attend our M&E for Results 10 day course (within a 12 month period) you will receive our Certificate in Applied Evaluation.

Why choose this course
This is an opportunity for you to engage in a multi-cultural learning environment that allows you to collectively explore how to facilitate multi-stakeholders processes. You critically reflect on the latest thinking around Theory of Change and Impact Assessment. Where possible, it is useful to have two people attend from the same organisation.

What you will learn
Innovative-teaching-learning methodologies are used to explore different dynamics and through group work you understand the key concept of Theory of Change and Contribution Assessment. We critically reflect on our assumptions and their effect on influencing change. By the end of the course you are able to assess and analyse the impact you have contributed by applying participatory and other development methodologies.

Daily Course Objectives
Subject to change to reflect participants' needs.

Overview of Theory of Change and Contribution Assessment
- definitions and key concepts
- relationship with M&E: complementarities and innovations
- Desired Change: understanding how change happens
- Conditions of Change.
Day 2
Developing a Theory of Change
- assess our work: Attribution or Contribution to change?
- Contribution Assessment versus Impact Assessment
- explore Pathways of Change: alternative ways to contribute to change
the power of assumptions: how does our thinking affect our actions?
Day 3
Complexity, power and learning for social change
- stakeholder engagement: understanding complexity and power dynamics
- develop Pathways of Change: alternative ways to contribute to change
- Indicators of Change: How we know we are contributing to change.

Day 4
Contribution assessment framework and participatory methodologies
- assessing contribution to change
- participatory methods and tools for contribution assessment
- reflecting on our assessment practices.

Day 5
Returning to work and integrating learning into practice
- revisit our M&E system from a contribution assessment perspective
- meta-skills for facilitating Theory of Change processes
- learning synthesis and steps forward.

For more information please visit us at, email us on or call us on +44 (0) 1273 833030 - our team are always happy to help with any queries you may have.

Fee: £2300
This includes tuition (presentations, group activities and one-to-one support throughout), a social and cultural programme including an evening dinner,training materials including a USB, light refreshments throughout and lunch, course certificate of attendance and participant group photo.

The application deadline: Thursday 13 April 2017 (when the course is confirmed we welcome applications until 11 May.
Apply online:

IMA training is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

What our participants say
'How I loved this training so much. The trainers not only teach but they show and apply ToC during course/learning process."
Rakifa Agusriana, Head of Strategic Planning Subdivision, National Agency for Drug and Food Control, Indonesia

'The trainers were excellent, methodology was very participatory and course contents were clearly conveyed.'
Elaine Wong, M&E Consultant,Ideas Inc

"Participating in this course has been the most exciting, educative, robust, insightful help, useful and rewarding experience in recent times."
Dr Ibrahim O. Yisa, Monitroing and Evaluation Advisor, PATHS2 Programme, Nigeria

"IMA reaches out to its prospective participants in a personal way. This course was particularly beneficial for my work on private sector development reforms and I will apply the principals widely." Penias Chabwela, Programme Officer, Cabinet Office, Zambia

Organisation IMA International

Country: Ethiopia