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IMA Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation training - Cape Town 16-20 January

This course is Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) in the learning process
Recent years have seen the realisation of the importance of strong project theory. The most sophisticated Theory of Change (ToC) models are non-linear and highly reflective, particularly concerning the assumptions we make in articulating models of change.

Why choose this course
This course builds on the training provided in our M&E for Results course and is primarily for organisations who want to build systematic learning and reflection into complex projects and programmes. It combines advanced Theory of Change modelling with proven, analytical real-time monitoring of results and targeted qualitative reviews to continually test assumptions made in design. It is based on an action learning cycle. When senior and junior staff from the same organisation participate together it is especially useful.

What you will learn
This course focuses on individual or group development of spreadsheet-based systems for trainees own organisation using theoretical presentation, illustration and practical exercise.
- the structure and operation of action learning-based model of process learning
- field assessment using cognitive mapping
- refinement of non-linear Theory of Change models (some prior knowledge assumed)
- managerially relevant and analytical output monitoring systems
- how to quantify intangible higher outcomes in an analytical way
- comparative analysis of all stages of the results chain
- how to conduct rapid qualitative reviews to investigate failed assumptions
- how to manage learning systems.

Daily Course Objectives (subject to change to reflect participants' needs)
Day 1
Introduction to learning process model and Real-Time Monitoring (RTM:
- use of Cognitive Mapping in Assessment
- participant’s case, Theory of Change development
- operationalising Theory of Change
Day 2
Introduction to Activity To Output Monitoring (ATOM:
- work breakdown for ATOM
- creating ATOM spreadsheets and their interpretation
- generating ‘S’-curves
Day 3
Introduction to measuring higher results, measuring intangibles:
- creation of Weighted Indexes (WEDEX)
- Calibrated Judgement Scoring (CAJUS)
- Management, presentation and interpretation of results
Day 4
Livelihood Asset-Status Tracking (LAST) example
- charting outcomes with rolling baselines
- workshop procedure for assessment sheet creation
- scoring assessment sheets
- precision tests
Day 5
Organising periodic assessments
- Ad-hoc Learning Exercises (ALEX) and reviews
- system management
- participants’ strategies and group feedback.

Our two course trainers have over 45 years combined M&E experience and have led consultancy in Theory of Change and M&E systems as well as postgraduate teaching at leading UK universities. They offer a unique combination of current theory and long-term practical insights.

For more information please visit us at, email us on or call us on +44 (0) 1273 833030 - our team are always happy to help with any queries you may have.

Fee: £2300
This includes tuition (presentations, group activities and one-to-one support throughout), a social and cultural programme including an evening dinner,training materials including a USB, light refreshments throughout and lunch, course certificate of attendance and participant group photo.

The application deadline: Friday 16 December 2016
Apply online:

IMA training is accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Organisation IMA International

Country: Cape Town