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Narrowboat sharing

Hello and thank you to anyone who is taking the time to read my post......we are in the process of serious consideration of a boat share for 2017......looking around it appears not may boats are available on the Grand. Union Canal which is where we would prefer to start this live in Lincolnshire....Is there a reason for it not popular......or too many hire boats etc. Another thing has been suggested we wait until the Braunstone Boat Show early next year......before making commitment......any thoughts on worries are on the other members in the it all friendly and amiable as suggested.......or do the older more established members have problems with new blood.....I must admit I have not really come across stuff to put me off......I ask this as we are considering private shares as opposed to managed shares.......we feel we have skills which would help us participate actiivlely in a group......I would welcome any thoughts good or bad