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Marina/Boatyard Woes

We have had our share in our boat for two years and have loved every minute of the weeks we have spent aboard. However we seem to have had some bad luck with the quality of the maintenance done on the boat and we are concerned to find a new home for the boat where we can enjoy all the facilities of a good marina with a reliable and trustworthy boatyard on hand to deal with the issues that arise. By trustworthy I mean a boatyard who actually do the work they bill for in a competent and professional manner - so far we have we have had several experiences where this has not been the case.

We are currently based on the Trent and Mersey near Great Haywood junction and all our owners really like the marina - our problems are related to engineering support on our turnround day which is Saturday.

I would love to hear from other boat owners (shared or otherwise) about their current location and maintenance arrangements and what you think of them.

NB I am posting this comment as an individual and not on behalf of the syndicate.