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Tall Order for Canal du Midi in France (PROJECT 2013/2014)?

I am interested to investigate the interest and indeed find out if there are any tall folk from the canal world that might be interested in buying into a 1/6th share (dog allowed with a Dyson), to buy a second hand Wide Beam boat or Dutch Barge or Tjalk for the French canal system and NOT spend silly money?

If there were 5 more people that like to take on a "Project", then I would be pleased to hear from you. I am not sure how we go about setting up a private syndicate boat share but I believe the folk on this forum do know how...any way small details are some very nice examples of low cost boats currently for sale, only as a guide and some interesting projects.

Tjalk for sale at 59.000€:

PROJECT 12m Rietaak Barge for sale at 27.000€ & PROJECT Aak motor barge “Corina“ at 19.000€:

PROJECT English Narrow boat at 24.000€:

For Sale: 49ft Napton Narrowboats /Colecraft cruiser at 56.000€:

For Sale: Penichette aménagée 59.000€ :

For Sale: Dutch Motor Barge 69.000€:

EXCELLENT PROJECT...Steel 31ft Motorboat SEDAN at only 16.000€![/u][/size][/size][/size]:

and last of all is my favorite......this I believe is a real BARGAIN subject to a hull inspection.....and some TLC Kiss
Dutch Steel Cruiser for sale at only 18.900€:

Awaiting your replies and comments or is that a tall order, Undecided

Re: Tall Order for Canal du Midi in France (PROJECT 2013/2014)?

Hello Dave,
Are you still seeking to set up a syndicate on the Canal du Midi?
I realize your ad has been running for some time now and perhaps
you are sorted!--but maybe there is a possibility of joining you,
You never know & I am trying all avenues!!
Regards, Roger.