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Tall Ship for the UK (PROJECT 2013/2014)?

I am interested to investigate the interest and indeed find out if there are any tall folk from the canal world that might be interested in buying into a 1/6th share (dog allowed with a Dyson) to order a new or buy a second hand Narrow boat with headroom from 6´-7" to 6´-10" for the UK canal system?

I am 6´-4" which I believe is the limit on a standard internal headroom , but if there were 5 more people, not necessarily tall, interested in an increment in the internal headroom then I would be pleased to hear from you. I am not sure how we go about setting up a private syndicate boat share but I believe the folk on this forum do know how...any way small details is a very nice example, eg;

TRANQUILITY has a 6´-7" headroom for you to check-out, together with a long double bed. She is currently up for sale priced $49.500 at :

Recently I saw on the net, a new Collingwood Boats Narrow boat Hull for sale which had 6´-10" internal headroom, so they do exist!

Maybe there is a PROJECT narrow boat "Tug" out there some where to rebuild and install a lovely Ruston or Gardener refurbished engine from Walshes of Manchester

Awaiting for your replies and comments and indeed if you know of other narrow boat shares available that fit the bill or is that a tall order