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Like minded people wanted for boat share

Looking for up to 6 like minded people to put in up to £15,000 for part ownership of a new or recent 57" (4+2) Semi Trad. For cruising for up to 8 weeks each per year, reply to Tony on 07789312666 or

Re: Like minded people wanted for boat share

Hello Tony,

I wish you well with your endeavour with regards to setting up a new syndicate.

Once you have got a shareholders agreement in place and a committee in place for running the boat, the rest as they say is plain sailing. I assume that you are going for self management? rather than having a company do it for you.

I would have thought however that you would be able to purchase a very good boat to your specification far cheapest than your estimated £90k because of the market being what it is at the moment.


Alan Hood
Committee Member
Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate