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NB 'Serenade' formerly of 'Ownerships'

Where is 'Serenade' formerly of 'Ownerships' share scheme - did she go private ?. We have many lovely memories of her, yet never have we come across any mention since the scheme failed.

Re: NB 'Serenade' formerly of 'Ownerships'


If Serenade is 58 ft narrow boat, it is listed in the shared craft list and managed by BCBM.

Alan Hood
Ranworth Breeze

Re: NB 'Serenade' formerly of 'Ownerships'

Many thanks Alan, have just had a look and found her there, as you suggested.
M. Richards

Re: NB 'Serenade' formerly of 'Ownerships'

As the current chairman of Serenade, I can confirm that we are based at Nantwich Basin. Serenade is now dark green and blue rather than all blue.