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Boat Management companies


I have a share in ex Ownerships syndicate boat Cookley. We are currently self managed but at our last owners meeting I have been tasked with looking into whether it is worth going the managed route.

There seemes to be only a handful of companies in the market the main ones being ABC Boat Management, BCBM Ltd and now Ownashare.

A number of ex Ownership and Challenger boats are now managed by these companies. I would be grateful if any of these syndicates be willing let me know of your experiences in moving to one of the above good or bad!

Thanks in anticipation!

David James

nb Cookley

Re: Boat Management companies

It might be worth looking at the BCBM Boat Management topic on the Boats & Canals Forum. It's been viewed nearly 7,500 times - more than any other topic in the shared ownership section - and it has quite a few comments from owners.

BCBM launched its first new boat for shared ownership - First Dawn - at the IWA Festival this year, where it won the Lionel Munk trophy for the best commercially built boat in the show. Presumably we're doing something right!

If you want more information, just drop us a note and we'll send you an information pack. Or, if you can wait that long, come and see us at the 'BCBM at Braunston' Annual Boat-Share Show on 19th & 20th March.

All the best,

Andrew C