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Boat share questions

Hi guys, I am doing a marketing assignment for a boat-sharing website, I wondered if any of you would be able to answer these questions about boat-sharing seeing as you are the pros!!

I would appreciate it so much.

The questions are as follows:

1. I understand that sailing is extremely expensive, how do you reckon a boat club (where people can pay a monthly membership fee and sail for a certain number of times) can appeal to their target audience?

2. What sort of facilities would you expect the boat club to provide? and what would be a reasonable price range?

3. From your personal experience, what kind of boats is your society using? and how much do they charge you?

4. Who are your target audience?

5. What are the channels for you to learn about some new sailing businesses? How would their marketing campaign appeal to you? Would you prefer it to be professional? or fun?