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Contribute your poetic masterpieces here. Anything and everything is welcome, including clumsy poems that you wrote during first-year high school. Also, feel free to post comments about the other poems that were submitted here.

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One last teardrop

i used to watch the stars
while i dream awake of you and me
i picture u right by my side
where i can feel your heartbeat next to mine

dream of you -hoping there could be US
that's what i used to do
for i listened to what others said
that you're falling for me too

so i kept hoping , knowing your hand is on mine
but how can all these come true
when while you were holding my hand
you are loving her too

my heart says
"it wouldnt matter if u have someone else
just dont make me go away
im not waiting for you to love me back
just please let me stay"

but i think i know better
so i should just let this feeling subside
and to never let you know. . .
when i also must let you go

i stared at your picture
let myself cry
accept the fact that WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE
so i must love you one last time
with my one last tear