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Contribute your poetic masterpieces here. Anything and everything is welcome, including clumsy poems that you wrote during first-year high school. Also, feel free to post comments about the other poems that were submitted here.

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You're not the one i met before
I didn't like you then
now it seems
i can't live without seeing you at all

Am i falling for you
or do i just want you near?
you seem so distant
Or do i just long to hold you

Im scared
cause i know you wont feel like the way i do
But i'm contented
with just having a glimpse of you

I shed a tear
and i dont know why
maybe because i know i cant hold on
to what i feel inside

Should i take the chance
or just let all these fade away
If i tell you "i love you"
i don't think you would want to stay

im not the one you met before
cause now i long to see you more
but loving you means losing you
yet hiding what i feel
is not having you at all