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Infrastructure of Poland

Poland's logistics performance index is 3.49. This indicates satisfactory performance - in general, traffic is handled well, some shortcomings in specific areas are possible, but overall the logistic system is reliable and ready to handle predictable traffic volumes.

Inch performance is rated at 3.26. This indicates satisfactory performance - the customs clearance procedure is generally effective, although long times can occasionally be a problem; The customs system certainly does not hinder international business activity. Required documents and fees are usually publicly available.

Infrastructure quality in Poland is rated at 3.08. This indicates satisfactory quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are able to cope with significant traffic at all times, and are also suitable for various types of transport vehicles and ships.

International shipping quality is 3.46. It indicates satisfactory performance - the services are reasonable and the prices are not too high and are usually right up there with the quality, although there is still room for improvement.

The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 3.47. The providers are competent – they ensure a good quality of their services and almost always maintain this level; Deficiencies, while still possible, are usually minor and do not provide an incentive for the vendors to continue working.

The tracking options for shipments are rated at 3.54. It indicates satisfactory performance - the tracking systems provide all the basic information, as well as additional data about shipments; In most cases there is also a well-established cooperation with foreign and international tracking systems and the provision of information is usually in several languages.

The tracking options for shipments are rated 4.13. This indicates good performance - shipments almost always arrive within the scheduled timeframe and often faster than expected.

In Poland, 100% of the population has access to electricity. Poland has 126 airports nationwide. There are 13,265,000 internet hosts in Poland. The number of motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Poland is 548.

Road network
The total length of roads in Poland is 423,997 km (263,516 miles). Of these, 1,553 km (965 miles) of roads are classified as freeways, dual carriageways, or dual carriageways.

Gas price
On average, one liter of petrol would cost USD 1.42 in Poland. A liter of diesel would cost $1.11.