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Contribute your poetic masterpieces here. Anything and everything is welcome, including clumsy poems that you wrote during first-year high school. Also, feel free to post comments about the other poems that were submitted here.

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Important points in essay writing.

Before you start writing an essay, pay attention to the following questions. The answers to them will allow you to more clearly define what is worth writing in an essay:

When touching on your personal qualities or abilities in an essay, ask yourself:
Am I different in one way or another from those I know?
what is this quality?
About the activity that you were (are) engaged in:
What made me take up this activity?
why did I keep doing this?
About every event in your life that you mentioned:
Why do I remember this particular event?
has it changed me as a person?
how did I react to it?
was it a revelation to me; something I didn't know about before?
About every person you mentioned:
Why did I name this particular person?
Do I aspire to be like him?
what qualities do I admire?
was there something he said that I will remember all my life?
did I change my mind?
About each of your preferences and what you don't like:
Why do I like it or don't like it?
Has this circumstance significantly affected my life?
About your every failure:
what have I learned as a result?
What good have I learned from this situation?

Re: Important points in essay writing.

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