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Contribute your poetic masterpieces here. Anything and everything is welcome, including clumsy poems that you wrote during first-year high school. Also, feel free to post comments about the other poems that were submitted here.

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All about Father's day

Most of us take our father all for granted,maybe because we are not that close to our father maybe because of the concept that the mother is the self nurturer of the child..But why should we give also an importance to our father?

Father's day is a very important occasion that we need to celebrate with to acknowledge the contributions of fathers to individual families and to the society as well.

What is the real significance of fathers day in our lives?Father's day is a day to commemorate and acknowledge the role played by our father in our life.So this coming father's day do not forget them by giving the simple things that will make them happy. will be the way to show and feel to them how important they are to us.