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Summary of Tiger Cubs special recording of what Jessica said during interviews

1) Q1: Ask if Jessica was afraid of action sense and is it difficult?
Jessica answered: Not really as safe proof during sense or someone cascaded it for her. But a sense when Jessica chased for a bus in Episode 8, she ran faster and the bus driver geared up the bus :-) make her hard time to catch it :-) so funny part, but Jessica did well.

2) Q2: About relationship for Chin Sir and Madame Chong.
Joe answered that Chin Sir should make move fast without shy but he stated that. For Christine, there is no hope for Chin Sir, so no doubt. But for Madame Chong, he likes her a lot, but she's so cool, and doesn't signal for him so he's scare :-)
then Jessica joked that cool to scare enough guys :-)
But Jessica stated that she really likes this story line for relationship. It moves slow but stable. Then she said that someone wondered why it's almost end of drama but no love relationship between them sparked out yet? :-)

My comment: The writer is a bit need to improve here. My opinion why it is too slow in moving this relationship? First time I've seen from TVB drama, probably wait for next sequel? if yes, then acceptable.
But need more sense between them and remove other useless senses where madame Chong attempted to jump down. I think this is non-sense as she's senior detective, why crazy like this? If you're on psycho, you can't perform the job well. no sense.
More to come....

2nd part (cont)

Q3: Joe Ma & Jessica wrapped up before the last episode (13) runs.
Jessica said last episode will reveal relationship between Chin Sir & Madame Chong. Guess how it is going? The host man hinted that might be 2nd kiss? (when was the 1st kiss? :-) I wonder)
and Jessica said guessing if Chin Sir reveals his love toward Madame Chong.
Joe Ma added that might be 2nd time fail on mission to love :-)

Lot of viewers agree that Jessica was so good "to fool" viewers when in July interviewed she revealed that her character will die out on Tiger Cubs. I can bet 99% viewers trust her, so did I but I got frustrate when I read news, still hope that her character won't die, and the final episode pleases lot of us :-) I like the ending.

I don't know Cantonese much, but enough to guess what Jessica said. Just few words would tell. I admit her Cantonese is clear enough to understand, but is it too fast? :-)
I can understand clearly what Oscar says, but not Joe Ma. His Cantonese voice is too deep and he speaks too fast, but okay :-) Joe has husky voice :-) (Honestly, he should not speak English :-) the less the better, as his English is "terrible" :-) I traveled to HongKong twice, and I have to admit people there don't speak English good as I expect :-) I have hard time to ask for direction to the hotel, even I use lot of body language :-) And I talked to a police officer, he can't speak English at all :-( Huhm, thought he should go to highschool & police academy to get training? Can't speak a simple sentence?
So I admire Jessica a lot as she can speak fluently Cantonese, English & Mandarin, even can read.

Q4: Host man asked Jessica if there is chance to see her again (ie. he implies Tiger Cubs 2 or sign contract with TVB?)

Jessica answered that might be, still in negotiation.

I really hope TVB can confirm there will be Tiger Cubs2 with clearly good plan so Jessica can make consideration. I would agree with her, without clear/detail plan, there won't be any serious talk. Sure, no plan no talk :-)
Plus I would expect TVB changes new writer for sequel :-) Hope no more psycho senses.
Also, I really hate the word "Sir/Madame" :-) It's funny that you keep calling your close friends as "Sir/Madame"?
Why not using name? Calling name doesn't mean any thing, simple friendship!
I can't understand why already in last episode, Chin Sir still uses word "Madame" to call her even off business?

Q5: Host lady requested Jessica to share thinking of sense that Vincent died out?

Jessica said while waiting for lighting set, Vincent tried to shape out his body to show off his muscle to make audience impress :-)

Hahaha, funny! I just comment out. Vincent: you need more fat :-) And last thing, sorry, female fans like us have almost lost interest in celebrities who already married :-) sorry! but we support you!

Last thing, I think host lady really likes Jessica. I wonder if they are friends in life?
Jessica can reveal :-)

Good job, Jessica! You are best actress in Tiger Cubs with solid performance. Keep it up! We are Vietnamese fans to support you!

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