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Take care, Jessica

Your health is important, please take care. We all support you forever <3

dear sis Jessica!

I'm very happy to have got your message.
take care sis Jess.:x Vietnamese fans miss u so much !

Re: Hello Jessica ^ ^

I'm very glad to receive ur message what let me know that u are better. Please take care, Jessica. We always support u ^^

Re: Hello

Dear Jessica~ be take care and quickly recover~ we are so worried about your health~ pls take good care of yourself~ love u!

Stand by You~

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for leaving the message. Please take care of yourself since there's nothing more important than your health. Till then, Tiger Cubs 2 can wait. We'll always support you and "Stand by You".

Re: Hello

take care and support your decision

偶像, Takecare to get well soon

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell.

keeping our fingers and toes crossed too for there will be "Tiger Cubs 2" so we can see more of cool Madam 莊!!

love you

idol! take care!

more rest!

Re: Hello

Take care Jessica!

You mean a lot to me....
and so does your Health and Happiness.


Re: Hello

Please get a good rest and take care. Eat well, drink plenty of water, sleep, and exercise a bit if you can. Stay healthy!

Re: Hello

My dearest Jessica
Take care and have a good rest!

Re: Hello

Take care,Jessica!Health is the most important!

Re: Hello

I am still sick now,and I know health is the most important.hope you all right soon,and take care!
besides,don't say sorry to us!

lovely sister, get well soon :)

Take care your health. Enjoy your vacation and have fun. We always support you :x

Re: Hello

Take care, Jessica ! Good luck for you.

Take Care and Get Well Soon~

Take a good rest, we all want to see a happy and healthy Jessica~

Hope there will be Tiger Cubs 2~

Re: Hello

Dear idol,
Get well soon, Take good your health!

Re: Hello

Take care Jessica! Get well soon!

Re: Hello !

Hi Jessica,

I just came back from HK and Macau. The weather was real hot with no breeze even at seaside. It is not advisable to stay out-door for long period. To fully recover, you really need plenty of rest. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

You have all our supports. Really hope that there will be Tiger Clus 2 with the same cast..... more importantly for you to renew your contract with TVB so that there will be more opportunity for us to watch your drama.

Let's know if you are coming to Singapore.

Bye & Cheers !

Christine See Tho

Re: Hello

Take care and keeping smile.Vietnamese Fans support you!!! .Miss you so much

Re: Hello

Idol Take care! wish a get well soon ! Looking forward to 'Tiger Cubs'2..

Re: Hello


Re: Hello

Take care Jessica & good healthy..
Looking forward "Tiger Cubs" 2 Madam 莊...

Re: Hello

Dear Jessica,

We miss you much! Take care! Have a good rest! Look forward to Tiger Cubs 2!

Best wishes,

Re: Hello

Jessica, take care! Take more rest and hope that you'll get well soon!
Your performance in Tiger Cubs was really great and I am looking forward to Tiger Cubs 2!

Take break Jessica, prepare for coming big Holidays!

You will be busy as usual for most of celebrities, so take break & recharge energy now.
Take good care!

Re: Hello

I love Jess ! Vietnam's fan always love jess forever .

Take care

Re: Hello

Take care youreslf la..

Re: Hello

Hope you recover soon JX

Re: Hello

Take good care of urself !!

Re: Hello

Glad to hear from again, I wish you a speedy recovery and have a wonderful holidays.
Support you forever and take good yah.

Re: Hello

Have not able go to my cumputer for a while (had to deal with my job trainning in the United State Post office),it is so surprised to find out our Jessica is sick !After all those years of hard work ,it is time for our Jessica to have a good good rest! As your new fan, I still have a lot of your old TV series to enjoy !So please, take all the time you need to get well! You health is so important to your families as well as everyone of us all around the world!Hope you feel better by now ,and we are always here for you !!!

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