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Anyone can translate it into English, plz?

a lot of article abut our Jessica, and all of them are Chinese hehe...thanks siaozhabor for ur translation :D

English Translations

She has changed from a person waiting for love to marriage. In May last year, Jessica felt that true love is hard to find. This year, she has fallen in love.

Jessica had cut her hair on the day of interview. Before doing so, she seek consent from Ruan. The previous dominant her changed into a subversive one.

"I smsed him before I cut my hair. He mentioned that it is ok for me to do so. If he replied 'no', I would not have my hair too short. This is just a minute thing and I know that he is a reasonable person but I still would like to seek his opinion."

Changing her attitude towards love

Emerging from her thirties to her forties changed her perception towards love. Jessica admitted to three relationships in the past 20 years, being actor 張衛健, 榮文瀚 and dentist 陳緯健, which did not last. Even though she is still daring to love, Jessica is more willing to display her affection in public.

"There's always sweet memories when it comes to love. This is a wonderful feeling brought by fate. Ruan is the most caring boyfriend that I have had. I would always consider the feelings of my partner before I announced the existence of my boyfriend. Incidents of my boyfriend's background being checked have happened. There's even once when reporters went to the office of his fathers'. Ruan understood that I am a artiste and he does not mind being stalked by reporters. His family is based in South Africa which will minimize the disruptions caused to him. "

"I was engrossed with my work ten years ago where I will put work before my boyfriend. When I was in my twenties, my boyfriend once asked me if I would regret losing my career due to marriage, my subconscious answer will be "Yes, I will regret." This is probably due to my lack of confidence. I thought of the situation if my marriage is a failure, where I will lose both my marriage and career. I did not regret my previous choices as opportunities lost will never come back again. Looking back, I feel that I have established something and is satisfied. However, I have switched my priority between love and career. My first choice now will be family and my boyfriend and career is not as important."

Jessica is currently a full time girlfriend and will fetch Ruan from work if she need not film. "Ruan is a vet and have long working hours. I can only wait for him to close his shop at Yuen Lang in order to meet. The journey is quite far too. Also, I have the habit of eating dinner with my father. I will also accompany Ruan for dinner after his work. Hence, I grew fatter. I would have to start slimming down when I start work in July."

Meeting Ruan 5 1/2 days a week

Although Jessica is unable to meet him every night due to her working schedule, her manager mentioned that Jessica met Ruan at least 5 1/2 days per week.

"I was filming 'Interpol' when I was initially dating Ruan. Luckily I did not have many scenes in the show. This means that I can allocate time to dating. Ruan mentioned that my job was interesting when he watched the filming process. He also joked about switching jobs with me. However, I have plans to start filming in July which means that I have to film day and night for 3 months. It may be quite hard for us to meet during the period of time, unless he waits for me downstairs at my house. "

Other than allocating time for dating, Jessica had also established her blue print for marriage. "I believe that the next big project will be marriage. When I started dating in 18, I have already established the idea that my boyfriend will be my partner in marriage. Both Ruan and I feel that we are the suitable candidates and had the same intentions. He had also mentioned marriage and we are working towards it currently. We had the intention to marry and I have also considered being a mother after marriage. I may not be working after having a child. I am serious towards marriage and will not rush towards it. "

Both Jessica and Ruan have integrated into each other's life by stepping into their family and social circle. "Ruan will accompany me home to have a meal. He would watch football with my dad whilst my mum and I will do other things like surfing t"

Jessica mentioned that he only know a few Cantonese phrases and mimicked his weird pronunciation of "Is there vomit? Is there any problems?" Ruan has also bookmarked Jessica's english fan pages in his computer and will understand her work from there.

When Jessica interacted with Ruan's friends, who interacted using Afrikaans, she learnt the language. When the reporter joked that Jessica could work in the TV station in South Africa after learning the language, Jessica mentioned that she did not consider that long term.

Visiting parents in South Africa

Jessica had plans to visit his parents in South Africa, "I wished to visit Ruan's family which was based in South Africa. Besides, he also hoped that I could understand his past and visit his alma mater."

Thanks for all updates & translation... More updates at Jessica's recorded《今日VIP》interview

Hi... thanks for all the updates and translation... very much appreciated...

Just to share with you all... there is more updates and her clarifications at the recorded interview with Jessica at 《今日VIP》in Cantonese... She did share about the show "Sisters of Pearl" as well as her outlook into her acting career and personal life... Haha... really enjoyed watching her interview... the very lively and real Jessica...


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