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Re: Re: Re: Family 4322/7630 Wm. Bean & Naomi Bates

My family of Beans also ended up in Arkansas, although in Madison and Washington county.My gggrandfather was Connor D. Bean, married Nancy Minor Husong in Illinois. He died in Kansas but she and several of her children moved to Spring Valley Arkansas. They moved to Oklahoma in 1903 and settled in Lincoln county. My grandfather left Oklahoma and moved to Idaho.

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Cousin Frank,

I believe the William Bean you are referring to is William MacBean who was born in 1727 in Drumlanvel, in the Croy / Dalcross Parish area of Inverness Shire. His father was also named William. He traveled to Ireland where he met and married a Naomi Bates, daughter of Issac Bates. I have seen the marriage date given as 1753, but can't confirm this.

You gave 1740 as the date for his travel to Ireland. Have you been able to document that date?

I am also decended from Walter Bean b. April 3rd, 1779, but I show Newberry, SC for the location. My line is through his son John, b. 1803 in Rowan Co., NC. This is the older brother of Peter Michael and Thomas Henry. It is possible that John was actually born in Burke Co. It was formed from Rowan Co. in 1777. But, I show Peter as having been born in Franklin Co., TN. How does all this compare to the data you have?

It was interesting to see that some of your line also wound up in Clarksville, AR. John's family seems to have shown up there somewhere around 1850.

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Replying to Original Article:

Dear Cousin

My full name is Norman (Frank) Bean JR b. 1-19-62, I live in Tulsa, OK with my wife Cindy we are expecting our first child in Aug this will be the 9th generation grand child of William.

My branch of the family will be having a family reunion in June at Hotsprings AR.

My father is Norman F. Bean Sr. b. 6-21-1936 Dice AR.

Walter Hugh Bean Jr. b. 7-18-1915 Clarksville AR

Walter Hugh Bean Sr. b. 11-181894 Clarksville AR.

John Walter Bean b. 1-22-1851 Mt. Vernon IL.

Peter Michael Bean b. 2-4-1816 Franklin CO. TN. brother of Thomas Henery Bean

Walter Bean b. 4-3-1779 Burke CO. N.C

William Bean (Jr. or 3rd) b.2-2-1754 ?Ireland, went to 1767 with parents Duncan Creek Laurenís, CO S.C

William Bean ( JR or SR) b. 1730 Scotland

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Replying to Original Article:

When I joined Clan MacBean in 1997, Dr. Joe told me I descend from family 4322/7630, William Bean & Naomi Bates. My line is: Wm. Bean/Naomi Bates; Wm. Bean/Celia Wyatt; Walter Bean/Elizabeth McGaillard; Thomas Henry Bean/Lucinda Finch; Catherine Bean/Horace Barrett.

Has there been any update? What is the family number? I can provide additional information on the descendants of Catherine Bean if desired. Thanks so much for this website!

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