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Salt Water Fishing Reports
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Trout Fishing

We had a great group of guys drive down from Nashville, TN for a little R & R with their teenage sons. Big thanks to Capts Brady Giroir and Andy Bean for running the other 2 boats. Petey Richards and son fished with me on Thursday after arriving at the Lakehouse at 10:00 am. We hit the water around 11:15 and started looking for the trout. We found a steady bite on one of my favorite shell reefs and we started pecking away at the fish with swimbaits. Our first drift produced 12 nice trout. We picked up 14 fish on our second drift . The wind picked up and put a chop on the reef which slowed the bite down. We ran to a nearby reef picking up a few more nice trout on the rising tide. The guys kept at it and we started to fill the box. End the day with nearly 50 nice fish. Persistence paid off in the end.

Capt Bill Lake