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Salt Water Fishing Reports
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We are eager to bring in the year 2017! We have some great things on tap for the new year. This marks my 25 th year since starting up Bayou Guide Service! Boy a lot has changed in the past 25 years! Back then you could fish all day and most days not see another boat ! I believe the fishing was better back then as their was more habitat which equaled more fish. Limits of trout always came easy. I can remember when one could almost walk across Sister Lake on the numerous islands , reefs and land mass throughout the area. Last Island was magical and the fish caught in the surf back then was simply incredible. Their was never such a thing as a bad day at the Enstar platform off Raccoon Pt. During my first 8-10 years of business I never had to leave Sister Lake to run a charter as it was all right there under our nose. Erosion has taken its toll as it will never be the same again. Oh yes those were the good old days!!

In wrapping up 2016 we experienced some great fishing during the month of December. Probably one of the best in recent years. Don't have time to tell every story so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Good luck fishing and Happy New Year!

Capt Bill Lake