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Meat Haul On The DU!

Talk about a meat haul on the DU! John Pittman drove down from Arkansas with 11 in his crew. He knew the fishing would be great so he brought the wives and a bunch of boys that wanted to catch all the fish they could. Just about anything with fins was caught including speckled trout,white trout,redfish,black drum,bull reds, sheepshead and a catfish or two. The crew enjoyed their 2 night stay at the "Lakehouse" along with 2 great days of fishing. The crew brought in over 700 lbs of fish not including the 150 trout in 2 days with hundreds of fish caught. Big thanks to Capts Brady Giroir & Ricky Brondum for helping out with the crew as they did an outstanding job as usual. The trout fishing was great but the young boys really had a great time with the larger variety of fish. John has been coming down to the DU fishing with me for nearly 15 years. The Dularge area is in his top 3 places to fish as hes never been skunked!! We appreciate Johns loyalty and look forward to his next trip in May. Good luck fishing.

Capt Bill Lake

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