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Great Trout Bite!

A great time was had by all for the annual Seacor Trash Talking Rodeo on the DU! This is always a fun event and this years rodeo was no different! All 3 boats headed out from the 'Lakehouse' at daybreak in search of speckled trout & redfish. All 3 boats started out at the same location with everyone catching a few fish at sun up until a crabber came through and shut down the bite. Capts Cricket Brondum and Grasshopper Giroir headed in a different direction while we stayed put in the same general area. Patience is a virtue as the yellowmouths responded with 'team troutslayers' picking away all morning & ending up with 85 nice trout. Everyone in all 3 boats caught plenty fish as we headed in for the 1 pm weigh in. Big thanks to Clayton Breaux for setting up the trip and to Shawn Whitney for some fantastic meals once again. Good luck fishing.

Capt Bill Lake

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