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Salt Water Fishing Reports
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Day 2 with Tim Downing and crew started off with some weather moving in from the gulf. I told the crew to stay put for a while as I didn't want to take them head on into the squalls. Around 7:30 we got the green light and headed out in search of the bronze-backs. We stayed close as I was uncertain of the weather. It was a great move as we crushed the reds at our first & only stop. I didn't see another boat on the water as the weather kept most people in I guess. We caught our 20 reds in less than 45 minutes and I tagged another dozen before heading back to the 'Lakehouse'! An incredible morning for sure and Tim and the crew were glad to get back early as storms were building all around us. We did not have any problems with fish exceeding 27 inches on this day as the average was 22-26 in. Every day is different and I love the surprise element when it comes to locating the fish. No place like the DU!

Capt Bill Lake