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Dularge Redfish Slam!

Tim & Lea Downing were back on the big Pathfinder and they brought a guest this time. John Bodarky had never fished our area and I know he's hooked for sure now. Tim has been a regular now for over 10 years and really loves the wetlands as he's from Kentucky. We fished numerous locations and found fish everywhere we went but a lot of them exceeded the 27 inch mark. After icing up our 4 big boys the slot reds were hard to come by until we hit our last location. You gotta keep moving and that's exactly what we did and hit the mother load of slot reds. Once the tide started falling the fish turned on. It didn't take long to fill the box and we still managed to do it by 10:00 am. We made it back to the 'Lakehouse' before the storms moved in and it was another great trip in the books for Tim and the crew.

Capt Bill Lake