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Recover Microsoft Account Password | 1-888-315-9712

Forgotten your Account Live password and need the simplest instructions to reset it? Well, the first thing you have to think upon is whether the two-step authentication feature is on or off. If it is on, then go to the account.live.com/password/reset page, follow the on-screen instructions and set up a new password. On the contrary, if the feature is disabled, then go to the account.live.com/acsr.
Choosing this way of Account Live password reset is also applicable to those who forget the password of the email address associated with their Microsoft account. Once the account.live.com/acsr page opens, enter your registered email address and then the alternate email address. Alternate Email ID means an address which is different from the one linked to your Microsoft account.
In case, if you do not have any other email, then click Create a new account with Outlook.com and fill in the required details to get a new email. Use the newly created ID to reset your password and access the Account Live. For further information, get in touch with the Microsoft support professionals. To regain the password of your Account.live.com follow the procedure or connect with Toll-free 1-888-315-9712 for instant help.