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Dandelion box set

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Head fans everywhere. Nowehere have I seen (except an edited letter of mine printed in Record Collector) that the long-overdue Dandelion box-set indeed has errors! The Medicine Head single is NOT from the celebrated 'kitchen tapes' but blandly lifted from the different & later studio LP recording. The Supersister you have all noticed is not the single either. though at least longer than the 45! There is also Bridget St.John's 1st 45 notable by its absence. When i contacted the nice people at Cherry Red, who had asked for input re the Med.Head bonus tracks but then ignored & so messing the periods up, they said they had no access to the original tapes for Head's single (so why not the vinyl?)nor the Supersister 45. The B.St.John was also 'not properly a Dandelion issue', which is untrue.
They have a difficult job, but I believe the public should not be tricked by advertising slogans like 'the complete singles' when it is not. It is a mystery why CD companies think they can short-change collectors. With these caveats, the material of course is legendary and unsurpassed!
A Head fan since 1970, Brian
With much gratitude to Trev for all his superb work and magical music, a consoler to exiles!