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Album by Ora

Can anyone help - cos this is driving me nuts!
Back in the 70's I bought an Album by a band called Ora (possibly Oora - well it was from Tesco's bargain bin!) This was on the Dandelion label - can't find any reference to it since. They were a very laid back acoustic band (duo I think). If anyone knows anything about this I'd be very grateful

Re: Album by Ora

Hi Gareth - there never was any band by the name of Ora (or similar) recording for Dandelion. Trust me... ! However, there was the Occasional Word Ensemble, whom you may have heard referred to as "Owe".

They released their "Year Of The Great Leap Sideways" back in 1969. This is obviously long deleted, but the good news is that you should be able to get a copy of the See For Miles CD reissue from 1995 if you visit

If that doesn't work, keep a watch on eBay - copies do occasionally come up. Always assuming of course it is the OWE that you're after.

Good luck!