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Bridget St. John - new duet

Bridget St. John and I met many years ago when we were both just beginning our music careers. We lost track of each other for a long time and only recently got back in touch. She sent me a demo she'd recorded not long ago and I was absolutely knocked out. She sounds better than ever! She is so good. I immediately asked her if she would sing a duet with me on my new album, BLUE FLAME and she was nice enough to say yes. I wrote a duet for the two of us called "This Is The Story." She recorded her part in New York and sent it to me on CD. I recorded my part and mixed the track in Los Angeles. If you'd like to hear an mp3 excerpt (about 2 min. of a 5:30 min. song), go to . If you want to send a message to Bridget, you can sign my guestbook and I'll have the messages forwarded if things don't get too crazy. BTW, if you're a Nick Drake fan, you'll find links to some articles I've written about him on my site and a new chill-groove recording of my song "Been Smoking Too Long."