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TRYING TO FIND "original Dandelions"? Looking for the latest info. on a Dandelion artist? Want to tell everyone how great Dandelion was? Then this is the place to be ...

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Dandelion on Wikipedia

Thank you for making this site, Trevor. Actually the only Dandelion artists I know are Lol Coxhill and Bridget St John, but I hope to find CDs of some of the others some day.

Because of my limited knowledge, I'm not the right person to provide articles for Wikipedia on any of this stuff -- but I noticed yesterday that there was really very little there, so I (as "Hoary") have just created an article on Dandelion Records and one on Bridget St John that I hope (i) are better than nothing and (ii) have no mistakes.

Now, the rules of Wikipedia (to which I'm very new myself) prescribe a neutral point of view and proscribe original research, so people shouldn't just jump in and write willy-nilly . . . but if you or the other readers of this BBS would like to add material, I'm sure it would be appreciated. (Well, I would appreciate it, even if nobody else would!)

Anyway, do take a look, and if you don't like what you see but don't want to get involved in the editing rigmarole, just email me and -- time permitting -- I'll fix it.

Re: Dandelion on Wikipedia

Peter -

Thanks for the posting, and for the Wikipedia entry.

Looks pretty accurate to me, but feel free to use any of the info in the main Dandelion site above if you're carrying out further research.

Anyone wishing to get hold of the See For Miles re-release CDs should be able to turn them up by entering "Artist Name" "See For Miles" (both in quotes) into a decent search engine - say, Google. There are plenty of copies around.

Also, should anyone be interested, the "Fresh Dandelions" page at gives details of later recordings by former Dandelion acts.

All the best -