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Re: Occasional Word Ensemble

There's very little been published on the Occasional Word Ensemble - they certainly don't have a website!

However, the following paragraph on the band does appear in Clive Selwood's excellent "All The Moves (but none of the licks)" (Peter Owen 2003), available at very reasonable rates from all good etc. etc.....

"The Occasional Word Ensemble was a bunch of poets cast along the lines of the Scaffold. I was once quoted in some journal or other as saying that 'one of them was institutionalized, but it could have been all of them', which, twenty-five years later, still seems a reasonable assessment. Their Dandy album was an odd mix of poems, songs, sketches and rather awful jokes. Some of them smoked herbal fags, and I recall Rik Sanders telling me of the time that he and another member of the group went for a walk while a bit out of it. In fact they were so stoned that when they were attacked by a group of skinheads they just stood there wrapped in duffel coats like Michelin Men while the blows rained in. It was shortly after our album was released that one of the leading players, Pete Roche, became convinced that God had instructed him to eat only an apple a day (no more and no less) until Liverpool Football Club won by a particular score. Pete soon began wasting away at an alarming rate. He was eventually persuaded to seek treatment, and a year later I saw him on a train, complete with briefcase and Daily Telegraph, apparently on his way to the City. Shame."

So there you have it...

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