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Almost Liverpool 8

Hi there, many years ago i remember hearing Almost Liverpool 8 by Mike Hart on the John Peel show and it left quite an impression upon me.Only recently i was browsing on John's home page and noticed the track got a mention in his Peelenium section. This brought memories back for me and i have since been trying to find the song which i know is on the lp Mike Hart Bleeds and on the bside of the 7"Yawney Morning Song.

Up till now i've found nothing but having discovered the Dandelion records website my hopes have risen.
I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out.
Neil Saddington.

Re: Almost Liverpool 8

Neil -

You should be able to pick up a new copy of the “Mike Hart Bleeds / Basher, Chalky, Pongo and Me” CD at - excellent price too!

Also at

If you’re after it, I believe there's an original vinyl copy of MHB at (Japan). That will be expensive, though.

Good hunting…

Trevor Midgley

Re: Re: Almost Liverpool 8

Many thanks for the info Trevor, i'll check out those websites.

All the best,


Re: Almost Liverpool 8

I have them all now, if you ever return to this site I'll upload to you. (took me 10 years to find them, so I know how difficult)