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TRYING TO FIND "original Dandelions"? Looking for the latest info. on a Dandelion artist? Want to tell everyone how great Dandelion was? Then this is the place to be ...

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Occasional Word Ensemble / Dandelion Records


I should have been a plumber's mate
quoth Einstein, going green.
It's not so much the stars, he said,
as the spaces in between.

The spaces in between? quoth I
(this headlong from my bike)
Ignore what I said, just mind your head,
said the sage,then do as you like.

I picked up my velocipede
(my wheels fast getting blunt)
& pulled out my Third Way of Thinking
& fitted it on the front.

(I secretly suspected my saddlebag but,
not caring to think that it showed,
got back on my bike & did what I like
existentially - all down the road).


An Englishman goes to Heaven

I dreamt I went to Heaven last night
- a cosmical catharsis!
Such angels! Modest & polite!
Even the middle classes!


Wittgenstein Blues (for Pete, now gone)

His life might ne'er have been so bleak
had he a saxophone
whereby whereof he could not speak
thereof he might have blown.

17 June 2015

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