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Dandelion recording locations/ dates?

Hi, hope this is still active.
A recent conversation got me to thinking, does a list of recording dates/ locations for Dandelion records exist? And does anyone know if sessions were ever recorded at CBS studios? And if the Mike Ross who engineered some records is the same who did early Fleetwood Mac stuff?

Re: Dandelion recording locations/ dates?

Hi Mel - yes, the Dandy Forum is still active!

Sadly, there's no list as such of recording dates or locations for Dandelion recordings. However, to answer your next point, many of the early Dandelion releases were put down and mixed at CBS Studios in New Bond Street, London; including my own first album ("Beau").

I was present in the studio when Bridget St John was laying down some of her tracks; also during the time of the raucous Stack Waddy!

And yes, it was the same Mike Ross as did Fleetwood Mac and many others. Mike was pretty well the house engineer for CBS at the time. He was a great guy to work with, and certainly tthe best engineer I ever came across.

Hope this clarifies one or two points. Thanks for the post...