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HPW YouTube & MySpace pages

Im working on an HPW YouTube page right now and posting clips of a couple matches from this past show on August 1st. Ill psot an URL so all you fans can check it out once I get stuff done. Ive never done anything like this before so I am learning as I go, but am having alot of fun doing so.
Im hoping to use this as a promotional tool for HPW, to get the word out there more about Hoosier Pro Wrestling and its wrestlers as I think we have some of the most talented performers in the area, and Jerry is always bringing in guys like Tank Toland, JD Maverick, Eugene, and others to boost the competition and overall product.
I am going to try and do bi-weekly updates on this and get some old shows that Ive recorded from Jerry to download to my laptop and get some older matches on the page hopefully...also, maybe also get some HPW stars to do interviews before or after the show and post them on there too. I know Jerry and me have talked awhile about doing a sit down "shoot" interview, this would be a great time to do this as well. Internet video sites are the future I believe and some indy wrestling promotions already use these, as they are a convenient and FREE way to promote the product and bring new fans in.
All I ask is you sit down a friend who likes wrestling, have 'em watch a clip or two, and expose them to the awesomeness of Hoosier Pro Wrestling. Bring them to the next show. We dont wanta see 200 fans, we wanta see 400. Thats my goal...to expose a bigger audience to this great product that is built on the old school tradition. If we bring in some new fans because of this, Ive done my job. Il post more on this once the page is up and running (working on uploading 1st match as we speak)..

Oh, and I am going to work on a HPW MySpace fan page and try to get some of the guys involved on there too, maybe an interview or two would be nice. Try to get the promotional machine behind it and post info on how to buy the DVDs and such on there too. Im going to have this up tonight so expect the URL info on this as soon as I get it up and running (shouldnt take too long peeps LOL.)

Re: HPW YouTube & MySpace pages

Myspace URL address is www.myspace.com/hoosierprowrestling

YouTube address is www.youtube.com/user/HoosierProWrestling

Add HPW as your MySpace friend and check out the YouTube page,and check both out for future updates!

Re: HPW YouTube & MySpace pages

Maybe you guys should do interviews backstage or something and put them on the dvds. Then, the fans would get even more if they buy the dvd than they got at the show, and they might get more of them

Re: HPW YouTube & MySpace pages

Thats an idea that has been thougth of, and am looking to do just that in the near future, depending on a few things. Thanks for the sugggestion bro.