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Re: HPW Documentary is Live

I've only gotten to watch part of this but man its been great so far. Very well done and I totally want a copy...... Thanks for doing this for all the boys and for HPW.

Re: Re: HPW Documentary is Live

I just finished watching. It brought back a lot of memories. Those were some exciting times for HPW and it's fans. The direction and production value were tremendous and much more than I expected. I got goose bumps watching. Excellent!

Re: Re: Re: HPW Documentary is Live

i got to watched the video several time now and it great to watch over and over again. I loved watching the chair shot i got from Ox and then watching the matches that Ox and Paster pain had was great. great job andrew and hope we can do it again sometime.

Re: Re: Re: Re: HPW Documentary is Live

After watching this wonderful documentary I have a new value of what a promoter goes thru to make his shows great. This tells the whole story of what we see every month at HPW. Andrew you have a brilliant peace of work here. Thank you. Jerry Wilson thank you for all the haed work you put into HPW all the time. Just a great story that I will watch over and over.
Congratulations Mr. Laker and Jerry Wilson on a job well done by both. I hope to get a copy of the dvd.