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Indy Wrestling Bull**** that some Feds think is cool. Good luck we aren't going anywhere!


Read this and learn the truth about the wrestling business and its very simple to see that the ya re talking about Columbus on June 6th!

Pro Wrestling Encouragement
May 11 at 4:53am · ·
Even as much of a jerk the Angry Wrestling Promoter could be, even he said don't run a show on the exact same night as another established show's set monthly show date in the same town, & I'm not talking huge city. This is a disrespectful jerk move, not good for the fans who would like to attend both shows, either. Some of the workers that left their longtime promotion started their own promotion a few months back, now they are sticking it to the promoter of the longtime established show by having their show on the same exact day (Nearly 2 decades of monthly shows by the longtime promotion) in the same town. Bad business & pretty much saying FU to that promoter of the other show . The newer show fills a lot of seats but is heavily "papered" as many tickets are given out free and/or heavily discounted. It's another level of disrespect. They must really despise their former promoter for some reason or another. Be better than this, people. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. It's respect, even if you don't always agree with everything the other promotion does.

Re: Indy Wrestling Bull**** that some Feds think is cool. Good luck we aren't going anywhere!

What is the source on tickets being free or discounted, i never got anything free or discounted and think im entitled to since ive paid full price every month