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Thanks To You Fans!

Hey All!

Just wanted to once again send a great big shout out "Whoohoo" to all of you that makes HPW the wrestling group that it is today. I guess its been, I think, November of '07 the last time I came on here and made a post. Just hope I don't get too carried away and bore ya all, but would like to share my thoughts about everything going on.

The Bartholomew County 4-H Fair. Enough said there, huh? No really, what a honor to be asked to be a part of one of the biggest fairs in the southeastern part of Indiana. One would ask why would they even approach us, and it comes down to why are we still in business after all these years? It's the FANS! You're all what makes HPW the promotion it is today. It's you, your the best. So thanks to you, for all your support, and faithfulness to this 'lil group from Columbus, Indiana, who has been in business for 13 years.

But then again, there has to be another part of this wrestling promotion, that makes it a top notch group. Yes, I'm talking about the the dedicated wrestlers and ring crew that makes it all happen. You all are the ones who have given your time by the road miles to get here, energy to perform or set up and tear down the ring, dedication to the fans by that extra slap on the hand or that yelling back at them (lol). It takes all of you to help a promotion like this to even exist. So, THANKS for everything you do, and being a part of HPW.

And finally, I'd like to finish by saying to my husband Jerry Wilson, how proud I am to be his wife. He has worked hard to make this promotion a success over the years, by putting together a great group of wrestlers, now and those in the past, that kept the interest of fans to keep on returning. I'm very happy that finally he's getting a chance at the "Big Show", the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair.

Congrats to you, your wrestlers and ring crew, and fans, to finally show the rest of this world (okay, this county), what HPW wrestling is. (And least not forget the remarkable donation you fans give to the Love Chapel every year in donations... Thanks!!!)