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Dawn Slocum surgery:

I got an e-mail from Dave Slocum yesterday informing me that Dawn has a brain tumor. It is thought to be benign but has to be removed. They are asking for our prayers.

Got this e-mail this morning.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and good thoughts sent our way they really help a lot. Surgery will be Wed. December 9th in Mankato at ISJ. I will be sporting a new hairstyle as of Tuesday (they will have to shave my entire head), but as Mac told me at least I won't have any gray hair.... Dave will keep everyone updated as to what all goes on. Hope you all have a good December and a great Christmas.
The surgery will take about 6 hours with at least a day in ICU after that and a regular room for a few more days. We are keeping positive thoughts rolling here and ask that you all do the same. Like Dawn said I will try to keep updating as we find more out. You can respond to this e-mail address or davethepumper@hotmail or davethepumper@gmail and those two will go to my BlackBerry.

More after Wednesday


Re: Dawn Slocum surgery:


Wednesday is the big day, Dawn has to be at ISJ in Mankato at 6AM to check in and surgery should start a couple of hours later. We just wanted to thank all of you for the kind thoughts and words of encouragement in this difficult time. I will be sending updates as to Dawns progress throughout the day tomorrow to keep everyone up to date.


Re: Dawn Slocum surgery:

Just talked to Dawns Dr and she made it through surgery just fine, the tumor is benign and came out with very little difficulty. She will be in recovery for another hour or so and then get a CAT scan then to ICU. The next 3 days or so will tell the tale if she is on the road to a full recovery. There are several things they have to watch very closely. More as we fidnd out.

Sorry if you get duplicates of this e-mail, I was not able to consolidate all the e-mail addresses into one account so I am sending it from all accounts to cover everyone.

If you can think of anyone else that did not get this please forward



Re: Dawn Slocum surgery:

I was overwhelmed with trying to contact everyone today with news about Dawn so it was suggested that I do a wesite with all the information. This should work good I can update it when I have time and if you sign up you can get an e-mail when I have done so.

The site is http://www.caringbridge.org and enter dawnslocum in the box that says "VISIT A WEBSITE"

Again please forgive the multiple e-mails as you may be on more than one list

If you would like a more quicker response to anything please send an e-mail to davethpumper@hotmail.com and I can pick that up with my BlackBerry.

And I would like to thank everyone for the calls, e-mails, Facebook posts, prayers, and offers for help when we need it. I am sure I will need some help as this looks like it will be a long road to full recovery for Dawn.


Re: Dawn Slocum surgery:

I talked with Dave last night and it sounds like everything is going good so far. Dawn was awake but not really up to talking. Definately makes Christmas something special this year.