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Re: Re: Brad Sargent

As you know he received his bone marrow transfusion on Dec. 4th. The doctors were overjoyed because of the major steps made here asl well as having a patient that was on the upside, not the downside of all this. Well, they didn't wait for the blood tests to come back before the transfusion. So, now he also has West Nile Virus from the bone marrow donor. It shutdown his digestive system and he has not eaten for 9 days. However, his white blood cell count is coming back and up to 51 million today (normal is around 100+ million). Apparently, the West Nile Virus also tries to shutdown the throat area and he has extreme troubles trying to talk and swallow.

He asked what next and I said, "Don't ask that question!"

Brad is on 6th Floor in University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, WI.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, once again,

Re: Re: Re: Brad Sargent

Might I suggest that you hire an "Exorist"! It would seem that he is besieged by an evil spirit.

On a side note, I have a very good friend in Alaska who had a similar experience with a hospital stay. He also had cancer surgery and ended up with many different maladys, such as Staff Infection.

I think after considering it that maaybe hospitals need to be Exorcised.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Brad Sargent

I quite agree, that thought crossed my mind when I first learned of the latest malady. What a fight with the devil!

Hmmm, exorcise hospitals, that's an idea!

Merry Christmas,