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Brother Brad Sargent

Brother Brad Sargent in Madison, WI is back fighting the fungus infection in his lungs that he contracted in the hospital last year. 2 or 3 other men died from it allegedly at the same time, same floor in the same hospital and he was the only one that made it thru this superbug. Doctors are really studying his infection.

His life revolves around being at the hospital every other day for tests, etc. Half of his now SSDI income per month is going to prescriptions for this fungus infection in his lungs. His healthplan will end Nov. 1st. He was on the national bone marrow transfusion list, then off, now being considered to be put back on it depending on the condition of this hospital induced fungus infection. He cannot afford a small efficiency apartment near the hospital treating him in downtown Madison, WI so the doctors can have him closer for further studying(can anybody say, "labrat"?).

The hospital cannot promise it will cover the costs of his treatment after Nov. 1st. And as I have seen in my life; my mother, my best friend this summer, when being forced to accept SSDI/medicare as their healthcare plan, were denied. We all know the thousands and thousands of dollars needed for cancer treatments, not to mention the mistakes the patients pay healthwise for what the hospitals make!

I have just been totally spent on all the close people around me having cancer. Why, after 50 years of research on it, is there no cure! Is all the money that is donated going to CEOs and presidents of these so called non-profit organizations? Or, is it really going where it should be going? Maybe all these money greedy CEO's, FEO's, and presidents that have put this country in a tailspin should be the lab rats for cancer as their contribution to the American Society! Huh? What do you think?

Re: Brother Brad Sargent

Brenda, has anyone talked to a social worker with either the hospital or the county about coverage that might be available? There's a federal program called medicaid (in MN we call it Medical Assistance) that covers medical care if your assets and income are low enough. Usually hospitals have somebody on their staff that helps patients navigate their way through applications.